Riot Games says it’s really, truly not working on a League of Legends MMO


Remember last summer when Riot Games co-founder Marc Merrill teased Twitter by asking whether the company should make an MMO? Then, just as people were getting excited, Riot said he was just joking. And then Merrill gave an interview that persisted in suggesting the idea, asking what the future of MMOs looks like and wondering whether “going head-to-head with WoW may not be the best move.”

The conversation died after that, largely because a few weeks later journalists blew the lid off Riot’s gross sexism problems, which dominated the company for months.

The topic resurfaced on Reddit this week, though, thanks to a thread where LOL players have been speculating on Riot’s plans for the 10-year-anniversary. When some players begged for a “huge open world game set in Runeterra,” a Riot rep shot it down:

“We’re for sure not doing this, sorry. There’s no League MMO in development. We are doing things though.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean the studio’s not working on an MMO with a different franchise, or a non-MMO set in LOL. The vehement denial could be a clue too. Who knows.

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Source: Reddit
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Person Dude

League Royale?

Bruno Brito

So…are you guys doing things with the harassed devs you have there while your CFO has a nice paid vacation?

To hell with this company.


No…it’s more the devs saying, “Come over here and look at this new cryptic ‘MMO’ we’re working on”, then letting off a big fart in your face as you take a peek at it…just like that as for mentioned CFO. /bleh


I doubt they are making an em-em-oh. If they were making one it would be in the LoL universe because it’s such a natural transition for an IP that they already know has a huge following, but it’s probably too expensive and risky to make an mmo in the eyes of the suits that make the big decisions.

They’ve probably also learned from Bleezard that while hype is good, if you can’t match it then there can be massive blowback.

This seems like riot making sure they manage expectations properly to avoid hostility when they do announce whatever they are working on.


To be honest, an MMO would be too risky right now and they really need to come up with something that requires less time/resources so that they can get it out and make money off of it to keep LoL going (which is steadily going the path of SMITE where they keep trying to do events with ‘passes’ and ‘prestige skins’/other bits exclusive to these things and so on).


Reverse psychology?

I swear to god I don’t really manage to understand large companies’ communication strategies any longer, but since I usually live by “if it’s real I’ll check it once it’s available” it’s kind of a secondary problem…


I mean, it could be good but like every mmo it would depend on the direction they went with it. They’re probably scared to even try that with league though since its a primarily pvp game, and historically in the mmosphere pvp centric games don’t do nearly as well as pve ones. A lot of which has to do with their focus being sacrificed to chase money and patrons by developing other features, but I can see why they wouldn’t want to even bother when league is still a huge cash cow for them in its current state.


A huge open world in Runeterra… so a League of Legends Battle Shityale?