Star Wars: The Old Republic’s creative director talks about the characters of Jedi Under Siege

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The latest update for Star Wars: The Old Republic brought a lot of characters around. It brought major characters back, it brought new characters into the foreground, and it brought some new developments to the game’s story. Creative director Charles Boyd talked a little bit about the returning and added characters for the story, including the return of Darth Malgus whom he felt had been rather shortchanged by the story up to that point. He hadn’t gotten the elaboration he deserved as a face of the Empire, and now he gets to have a much larger role.

Meanwhile, Boyd introduced Anri on the Imperial side to show how much the Empire has changed from its policies at launch while also giving players a window into the more ground-level nature of living in the Empire. There’s also a tease that players can expect to learn more about the future plans for SWTOR at the next community event in April, something that should help assuage anxieties over the game’s lack of a clear content roadmap.

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In April we’ll reveal our plans for a sneak peek at the rough outline of our 2019 updates. We currently expect the full rough outline before autumn, and we can’t wait for you to see them!


Jeez in april for hints about the “future”… do they know a year only has twelve months in it don’t they? :P


Makes you wonder if it will be on 1st of April, lol

Jeremy Barnes

It will be worse when those plans are “We’re going to bring back limited time events from the past so you can enjoy them all over again!” and new loot crate.