Art curation MMO Occupy White Walls 2.0 adds collaborative art galleries


The game we called the most bizarre MMO of 2018 (in a good way) has taken another big step this week. Occupy White Walls, the art curation MMO that hit early access just three months ago, has now released its 2.0 version with collaborative galleries, meaning players can actually tour other players’ art showrooms in this game (and build them together – multiplayer art galleries!) that admits it’s somewhere “between a world builder and art education tool.”

“Start with a blank canvas, build it up into the gallery of your dreams – be it art deco or the pristine walls of a modern space – and fill it with your favourite works,” suggests indie dev Stikipixels. “Build and present your gallery anywhere, from the grounded bustle of an urban metropolis to the otherworldly swirl of a void, using over 1,700 individual pieces to craft your own architectural masterpiece, including MoMA PS1, classical European art museums, and many more historical inspirations. Collaborate with your friends to create the perfect space, and do justice to the pieces displayed within those bleached halls.”

The game is free-to-play in early access on Steam, so you’ve literally nothing to lose by playing except for possibly your inhibitions.

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Source: Press release
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