EVE Online moves cynosural fields to a separate overview filter with its February update

Capital city.

If you have never wanted to see a cynosural field in your overview in EVE Online, the game’s February patch will take care of that. If you always want to see them, the patch will take care of that, too. Yes, cynosural fields will be moved to a separate filter with the February update, apart from other beacons that players may be looking for.

This is a long-requested feature by players who wanted the option to see these fields or not independent of other filters, and players can even prepare for it now; the live game already has a filter setting labeled “Future home of cyno fields.” With the February update that will change to simply read “Cynsorual Fields” and will continue to operate correctly. So you can keep track of them or not, as circumstances and your needs may dictate.

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How very exciting.