Final Fantasy XI’s February update brings substantial improvements to Red Mage

Final Fantasy XI’s February update brings substantial improvements to Red Mage

It’s been a long time since Final Fantasy XI made Red Mages happy. The job has languished for a long while with most of its unique tricks becoming less important or powerful and other jobs filling a similar role. But the game’s February patch is definitely a noteworthy buff for the job, starting with Saboteur buffing magic accuracy, the effect and duration of enfeebling spells, increasing the change for Immunobreak, and having a shortened recast of 3 minutes. It also no longer gets removed upon casting specific spells, so it’s a significant change for the ability.

Meanwhile, Composure now lengthens recasts on spells while buffing magic accuracy, buffing the duration of enhancements on the Red Mage, and buffing the overall effect of the En-spells as long as it lasts. All of this should provide extra reasons to play the job in the new additions to Ambuscade that have dropped with this patch, or while clearing through vintage Zilaart missions in order to pick up the new quest to unlock a flying Zilaart platform as a mount.

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Daniel Miller

Combats fine. Do away play online be great. I think most people who think of moden combat games are tunnal vision denial.

Only a few games have the action you seek and you jump from one game to the next, always feeling emepty.

Truth is combo and rotation soams are boring. Ffxi has neither.


I know its a pipe dream, but it would be awesome if they could upgrade the combat to more modern games.

Toy Clown

That’s actually the appeal for many who play it, is that the combat is “old school”. Just helps with the choices out there.


I would rather just do away with the Play Online thing and launch like a normal mmo

Jaymes Buckman

Where can I see the flying Zilart platform? Is it like a disc?