Fallen Earth’s Valentines event will terrify your soul

Fallen Earth’s Valentines event will terrify your soul

Is Valentine’s Day too sugary sweet for you? Do you have a psychological rash from all of the pink, red, and white fluffery that marks this weird mid-winter holiday? Then rush your buns over to Fallen Earth, where this post-apocalyptic MMO has the antidote to sentimental eye fluttering.

The game’s new team has managed to reactivate the somewhat disturbing Valentines event. Starting on Feburary 13th and continuing through the 26th, players can go through the “My Bloody Valentine” quest. Do this successfully, and, well, you’ll be able to give your beloved the most gruesome token of effection ever. In short, you can “rip out, preserve, and gift” your actual heart to a significant other.

Also, there’s a world event featuring Cuddles, a giant horrifying cat-thing with a golf club. Please take him out for the sake of all remaining humanity.

Source: Fallen Earth

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Hydlide S

It’s cool they’re trying to revive the game. I really respect the amount of work it must be taking to do so.

Bruno Brito

And it’s humongous for a indie company. The game is in a dumpster fire state. They’re having to rewrite quite a lot.