Fortnite unveils its Share the Love event, account linking, and Season 8 teases

This is love.

Love is in the air for Fortnite, and not just from the Share the Love event running right now. Sure, that’s fun in and of itself; after all, don’t you want to enjoy some Valentine’s Day-themed rewards while shooting people? But you can also share the love via the new account linking system, allowing you to take your old account and transfer your unlocked items and currency to a specific platform of your choosing. It’s sharing the love with yourself!

Wait, that sounds worse than it should.

Players are also cognizant that the game’s season 8 is due to roll out right after the Share the Love event ends, which means that datamining and speculation is already rampant about what changes will be made to the game. These rumors include earthquakes and volcanos changing the face of the game map, so catch up on the rumors ahead of February 28th.

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Fortnights old news! Bring on apex legends!




lmao too true! Fortnight? people still play that?