Heroes of the Storm devs emerge with plan to make all collection skins buyable with gems


With the threat of mass layoffs now hanging heavy over Blizzard, you might have forgotten about the doom that befell Heroes of the Storm at the end of 2018, when the company scaled back development and all but eliminated its esports offerings for the MOBA.

The game’s caretakers have now delivered a new dev letter and overview of what to expect next. “As you’ve seen so far this year, we released Imperius along with a flurry of impactful hero balance changes across the game,” writes Production Director Kaéo Milker. “We also announced our Resistance themed event before bringing it to PTR this week, and we’re excited to deliver those fun skins for Hanzo, Deckard, and my BFF, Blaze, next week! While we have more balance changes coming at regular intervals, our next new hero is also right around the corner. There are some theories floating around as to who’s next, but we have a few more releases before they’ll be ready to see the light of day.”

Milker also says the game will continue with seasonal events, starting with a Lunar New Year event merged into Spring; the devs are working on ranked play, quick match, matchmaking, collection unlocking, and gold-to-shard conversion, starting with next week’spatch, when “all skins in the Collection will be purchasable individually with Gems” and “every skin in the Collection will now have a Gem and Shard price individually.”


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Making everything directly purchasable with gems is good. Let’s folks who do want to pour money into it get what they want directly instead of depending on the lockboxes.

Bruno Brito

It’s also a known move from companies before sunsetting games.

Which is why i’m concerned.