PlanetSide Arena’s latest build comes to the closed beta test


huge patch is coming to PlanetSide Arena’s closed beta servers, and Daybreak is hoping that the changes therein will make this battle royale experience that much more smooth.

“[This build] includes a LOT of bug fixes, game play tuning, server architecture changes and general game refinement in advance of our Founders Season beginning on 2/20,” posted Executive Producer Andy Sites. “Some of the changes include; an increase to character movement speed (running, strafing, etc), removing falling damage (so you can focus on the enemies you’re trying to take out vs worrying about dying to falling), numerous Spectate system improvements, Challenge system improvements and, of course, bug fixes.”

The update is going live with Tuesday’s closed beta playtest, which will take place in the game’s three global regions. The closed beta consists of three game modes: solo battle royale, team battle royale, and massive clash (guild vs. guild).

Source: Patch notes