Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming zone guide will ensure you’re never clueless in Tamriel again

We still don’t know exactly which day in February the Wrathstone DLC will launch in The Elder Scrolls Online, but at this point, we know pretty much everything that’s coming in it and alongside it in the free update that’ll launch simultaneously for everybody. And one of those things is easily the most exciting quality-of-life upgrade to come to the game in ages: the zone guide. It’s basically a new tool that’ll help people figure out what to do next – no small feat in a sandpark with so many branching questlines. It’ll show everything from what you’ve done and where you’ve been to what you still need to do, making it ideal both for hapless wanderers and for completionists.

“With the zone guide, we’re trying to help players that want to complete a zone or those that feel lost and want to find something to do,” Senior System Designer Michael Edwards says in a new dev blog today. “We want to make sure we help the existing, new, and returning players that might be kind of confused and need some direction to get started.”

The zone guide will also offer a “start zone story” button that’ll point you in the direction of what you’re meant to do next. “It will eventually tell you how to find everything on the list except for Skyshards and Lorebooks,” Edwards writes.

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