H1Z1’s third season brings FFA deathmatch, ranked leaderboards to PS4 on February 21st


Although Apex Legends is currently dominating the battle royale scene, genre-progenitor H1Z1 is still looking to keep itself fresh and exciting as it prepares to kick off its third season on PS4 on February 21st. This new season promises to introduce “the biggest update in the history of H1Z1 on PS4″ with the addition of “two all-new game modes” as well as “the debut of Ranked Leaderboards, a full redesign of [the game’s] front-end UI, a mammoth 100 tier Battle Pass, and 200+ new items.”

The biggest highlight of season three is the introduction of the brand-new FFA deathmatch game mode, which turns the battle royale formula on its head by returning to the days of old-school shooters where the goal wasn’t to survive but to kill absolutely everything that moved. In this new game mode, 50 players will drop into a “tight combat zone” fully geared up and ready to murder, while instant respawns ensure that the action remains fast and frantic. The first player to reach 25 kills will take home the win. And 50-player matches are just the start, as the devs have announced that “teams and 100+ players per match are in the works.”

Season three also introduces ranked leaderboards, allowing players to compare their skills to those of other players around the world, and debuts the biggest Battle Pass yet, with a whopping 100 tiers of challenges to complete and rewards to unlock. For the full details on everything you can expect to find when season three hits the PS4 on February 21st, be sure to check out the official announcement on the game’s site.


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