Not So Massively: SMITE’s 6.1 update, RUST minicopters, World War Z’s launch date, and Battlerite’s F2P trailer


The Not So Massively games are piling up, so let’s knock ’em out real quick here with the return of our old NSM roundup, shall we?

Let’s kick things off with SMITE, to which it looks like I’ve already lost my husband, as it dropped patch 6.1., which finally includes full PC, Xbox One, and Switch cross-play. It’s also rolled out Merlin, The Master Wizard, its latest god, plus a skin for him and and nine skins for existing gods, including Steamy Chibi Sol. Why not?

Five-year-old RUST, believe it or not, has pushed out an update with a ton of features, including new wireless receiver mechanics and pilotable minicopters, as well as tweaks to art, water, traps, electricity, and military tunnel balancing.

Player-versus-zombie transmedia synergy wonder World War Z announced its launch date this week: April 16th. It’ll roll out simultaneously on PC and console with multiple modes, including a king of the hill mode and zombie swarms.

Finally, Battlerite is still barreling on toward its free-to-play Steam launch next week; it’s dropped a trailer today:

Thanks to Kinya!

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Merlin certainly sounds interesting for SMITE. Too bad the game is in such a cruddy-feeling state.

Bruno Brito

Battlerite Royale would be the only game of this fad i would consider playing since the game itself is fun and skillbased.

That being said, i’ll keep this mantra until i die: