Mortal Online devs say they’re building Mortal Online 2 and bringing existing lifers and wealth along

Mortal Online

Sandbox MMO Mortal Online developer Star Vault made headlines last year for Mortal Royale, a battle royale that boasts a giant map and a thousand people battling for supremacy in a game world that’s based on the MMO. But if you really just wanted to see more MMO development out of the company, welp, that’s what you’re getting, in the form of Mortal Online 2, which has now been effectively announced.

Citing the reality that tech has moved on since MO was originally released in 2010, the devs say they’re going to work on a sequel.

“We plan to create another world, for adventure and living another life. That this world will be internally consistent and logical, ‘realistic’ if not in many ways like reality! There will be full pvp and full loot. But this is not because we are creating a combat simulator. This is a reasonable part of the life of the world and we do not plan for pvp to be all or even the most important part of what the game has to offer. We plan to make the game world much larger than it was before to make exploration and discovery more meaningful and to add a greater strategic element to conflict.”

Among the features promised are a one-character-per-account policy (which will require a rework of the skill system), naming-and-shaming of banned players, and no pay-to-win – and also no free-to-play elements.

So what about the existing game and players? As Star Vault puts it, “this is not an entirely new game” – existing lifetime subbers will see their subs transfer over, and “wealth and success” from the first game will carry into the sequel. Moreover, the devs aren’t abandoning their baby. “There will be patches added to MO as we play it today which will move over to MO2 as well,” they write. “So we will continue to support MO until MO2 goes live.”

Here’s some of our coverage of MO over the last few years!

Source: Official site. Thanks, Reed!
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