Battle for divine favor in Crowfall’s Trials of the Gods campaign series


Now that Crowfall has had the time to do some campaign test-runs and make adjustments based on player feedback, thereby delaying sanctioned campaigns, the folks at ArtCraft Entertainment have introduced a new series of special pre-alpha event campaigns known as The Trial of the Gods, in which players will strive to “prove their worth as Eternal Champions through a series of time-locked factional campaigns in return for valuable rewards.”

Each of the campaigns in the Trial of the Gods series will be dedicated to one of the game’s deities, with each campaign featuring its own “unique maps, rules, and rewards themed to that God’s unique persona, powers, and domain.” The first trial, which commenced on Tuesday, is dedicated to Malekai the Faceless, God of Deception, Lord of Shadows, Dreams, and Secrets, and patron saint of extraneously long titles, presumably.

Players who participate in the Trials of Malekai “at least minimally — by killing or dying at least once in the name of [their] chosen Faction” will receive the unique Badge of Malekai item, which, in addition to serving as a badge of honor for participating in the trials, will provide a bonus to critical hit and critical healing chance while equipped.

The Trials of Malekai will continue until Tuesday, February 26th, after which the next trial in the series will be announced.

Source: Official Site, Press Release