Korean MMO ROSE Online is shutting down permanently after lengthy maintenance mode


After about thirteen years of operation, one Korean MMORPG is calling it quits.

Gravity Corp’s ROSE Online closed its doors earlier this week on February 11th after a run that stretched back to 2005.┬áThe website showed that the game had effectively been in maintenance mode since 2016, so its sunset is of no great surprise.

“Thank you for playing ROSE Online,” said the team. “We’ve had a blast bringing you this great game, and we thank you all deeply for the support you’ve given us over the years.”

The adorable anime-styled MMO never garnered much of a huge following, especially in the west, although it had a stronger playerbase in Japan. A mobile spin-off was announced for a Japanese launch last year, but we have not heard whether or not it is coming to the west.

Source: ROSE Online
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