Valentine’s Day 2019 across the MMO universe


We’ve been covering the rollout of Valentine’s Day events in MMOs and MMORPGs for the last couple of weeks, but today is heart day, which means… we can finally stop. Oh thank goodness.

Here’s a few more to add to the pile:

  • RuneScape is offering a really sweet free Twitch bundle for Prime members, including two weeks of sub time and in-game currency, now through March 17th.
  • Dark Age of Camelot merged its Valentine’s Day event with its President’s Day event, just as the gods intended.
  • If you were looking forward to the Riders of Icarus in-game event with GMs, that’s unfortunately been postponed.
  • You’re gonna be killing egg thieves in TERA’s event.
  • Elder Scrolls Online has a sale on V-day themed items.
  • Population Zero is offering a 14% off sale of founder packs.
  • Star Citizen invites you to craft themed valentines for your loved ones. And buy ships. All the ships.
  • RIFT is running a romantic story contest.
  • Ultima Online is handing out lily pads. Sure why not.
  • APB Reloaded is running Love is in the Air. It still floors me that APB is a going concern again. Awesome.

And here are the events we’ve covered previously:

But really, we can’t sum it up any better than Blade & Soul did:

Spot any we missed?


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