Ashes of Creation is preparing a game director’s letter, fans infer that delays are incoming

Show of hands, who saw this coming? Be honest.

It appears that all is not well behind the scenes of Ashes of Creation. Intrepid’s Steven Sharif has made a few remarks on the game’s Discord server to indicate that a game director’s letter is on the way, and while the actual statements don’t mention a delay specifically, he notes that some of the elements of testing Apocalypse (the game’s battle royale mode) made it clear that parts of the game need to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

So it’s all speculation about delays right now, but considering that the aforementioned battle royale mode was supposed to launch in December and then got taken down in light of a new “real” launchthis is not completely surprising. Sharif’s statements also thank fans for staying with the game despite its issues with forums, which have been down since December; a new website was supposedly meant to go live with the Apocalypse launch, but that appears to also be delayed. It’s kind of an enormous mess, really; you can catch up with it in the roundup just below.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Vuguguh for the tip!
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