Bless Online previews its upcoming Urdaata War Fortress raid dungeon


The next update coming to Neowiz’s free-to-play fantasy title Bless Online will take players into the heart of a new raid dungeon, the Urdaata War Fortress, which is the subject of the game’s latest content preview.

The 10-player, level-50 dungeon will have players storming the aforementioned fortress to tackle a gauntlet of challenging bosses including Corrupted Aelia, Ikichi, the Lava Golem Maglam, and ultimately the head honcho of the Urdaata War Fortress, Karata. And should the players emerge victorious, they’ll walk away with a trove of shiny loot, including “rings and necklaces with useful effects” as well as “rare or heroic armor and items, enhancement materials, and more.”

In addition to the new raid dungeon, the next update will also bring with it some new cosmetic items, including the new Winter Sky costume set and “three new leopard print headband hat items,” which players will be able to purchase from the in-game Lumena shop.

The preview also notes that the devs are aware of players’ concerns about the “lull in [their] communications,” but they promise that “more updates are in the pipeline” and that they’re “still working hard on improvements and updates for the game.” Beyond that, however, players are apparently going to have to wait just a little longer for more communication, as the next producer’s letter is slated for “later next month.”


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Does the game have enough players to fulfill the raid requirements?