Final Fantasy XIV reveals its schedule for the final Fan Festival in Tokyo

The hour is nearly here.

A destination! A new job! Possibly another job! More about new races that has been significantly complicated recently! New areas! Awesome outfits! Yes, the Final Fantasy XIV fan festival series will go out with a bang when it comes to a close near the end of March, and now you can plan ahead to be free for the big announcements starting on March 22nd with the official fan festival schedule. It’s March 23rd in Japan, of course, but time zones are fun.

Of course, the big announcements are expected to come with the keynote at 9:30 p.m. EDT, so players will be watching with rapt attention when that rolls around. Unlike prior events, these will all be in Japanese without on-stage translation, since the attendees are expected to be… well, speaking Japanese. But there will be translations available in an alternate channel, so don’t worry, you’ll be able to follow the keynote. And if you speak Japanese, you won’t need to worry at all.

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I don’t get how this game has won any prizes here on MOP. I tried it a few times and the extremely linear questing with it’s corridor-like world design with invisible walls has killed what little interest I had.

But a game this bad can’t win that many prizes… so what am I missing? What makes you stick around? What makes you love this game?

Vincent Clark

Assuming you are genuinely asking…in no particular order:

The story grabbed me from the start. The cut scenes, the voice acting, the overall narrative (imo) is compelling. Even if, aesthetically at first, I was a bit taken back (coming from LotRO) it didn’t take long to get past that.

The focus on group play (which, arguably, some people who play it find as a negative). You are “forced” into a dungeon at level 15/16. But they purposely design the earlier dungeons in such a way that…well, there is a lot of hand holding for those who don’t like dungeons. I’ll just leave it at that. But the dungeon designs and mechanics, imo, are outstanding.

Game performance. I’ve never once had to adjust my graphics settings in this game. Not even when I’m in a PvP map with 50+ players. Coming from LotRO, this a blessing. I forgot how much I had lowered my expectations.

Consistency in content. Surprisingly, SE gets flack because they stick to a schedule or routine. But I’ll take consistent, quality updates that happen at regular (if predictable) intervals any day. The amount of content this game kicks out is crazy.

Yoshi-P and his team. I’ve said it before, Yoshi-P is a gamer first, Director second. He is making the game he wants to play. You get a genuine sense of passion from him and his team whenever they interact with the community whether it’s on forums, during live feeds or during Fan Festivals. Now, for a casual player this may not be important, but for me…if I’m going to spend considerable time and money in a game, I want to know that the company making the game is in it for the joy of it more than just a quick dollar.

In-game community. Every game has their fair share of idiots and trolls. But I find the community in FFXIV refreshing and very forgiving to new players coming into the game. Now, I realize other people may have different experiences, but that is just mine.

The music. I know people who don’t even turn the in-game music on. Which, honestly, I can’t wrap my head around. The music in this game (imo) is hands down the best I’ve ever heard.

Jobs/classes. I love the fact that I can be every job, every crafting profession on one character.

For the record, it wasn’t until my 2nd pass at this game did I stick with it. The first time I got to level 30 and just took a break. Second time in, there was no going back.

Vincent Clark

I think SE has a few more surprises in store for us for the Final Fan Fest (giggity). Sorry, couldn’t be helped.

Mr Poolaty

I so soooo hope they go into details about the player run farms and I soooo fucking hope it’s not another FC onry bullshit!!!