Lineage II Classic releases its Saviors update on February 27

Let's fight the fighty mans.

The first major update to Lineage II Classic is arriving on February 27th, and it’s got some steep new challenges for players. Four new hunting grounds are available for players to challenge, ranging from levels 70-75 in the Devil’s Isle to 79-82 on the Forgotten Island. (Someone seems to have remembered about that last one.) There are also two new raid bosses allowing up to 300 players to challenge them at once, so you’re going to need to be fully kitted out in order to take on all of these challenges.

Fortunately, the update is bringing along means of doing just that, too; the patch includes the third class advancement as well as further improvement to armor and weapons. So you’ll be facing greater threats but getting more power to take those threats on, which should balance out nicely. Players who register ahead of time will be eligible for a number of in-game gewgaws when the patch goes live; until then, you can enjoy the trailer just below.

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Can anyone enlighten me if this is new original content made for Classic or it’s stuff that were released years ago?


Not sure but cant find it on expansions list on this link

I still return for a visit to that game at times though, its a bit grindy but does have a charm on it