PlanetSide 2 updates carbines and spawns on the test server while celebrating love in the live game

This is wholly appropriate

The latest patch to PlanetSide 2’s test servers has some pretty far-reaching changes to the game’s spawn system. Previously, the system didn’t really direct you anywhere and led to people hopping points while encouraging straight-line marches into fights; the new system on the test server is meant to be more dynamic and should help shuffle players around more effectively. This comes alongside a new set of carbines added on the test server, one for each of the game’s three factions.

If you don’t want to test these changes, though, you can still enjoy some new stuff on the game’s live servers with the game’s Valentine’s event. Players can earn double XP through February 18th as well as purchasing various heart-themed items through the game’s cash shop, so you can pick up all of the destructive potential you want with a little pink heart on the side of your rocket launcher. It’s the thought that counts, and isn’t it romantic to be detonated by a weapon with frills and lace? (It is not. It really is not.)

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Feyd Darkholme

The new spawn system is a LONG time coming… it’s SO annoying. Hopefully this addresses the issues that everyone has with it. Always look forward to new weapons too…


Quite a few major changes on the PTS, NC MAX rework, robot faction, the spawn changes and a few more tweaks to aircraft lockon weapons.

Really needs sever merges though! Its bearable population at peak for 1 map, with a merge it would make the playable time of day much larger and have 2 maps open.