Here’s how players will do science in sandbox Population Zero


Still keeping an eye on survival MMO Population Zero? There’s yet another dev blog out this week, this one on science and technology in the game. Hey if you like systems deep-dives, this game is providing. I’m a fan!

“Science in Population Zero is a set of character’s knowledge of all areas,” Enplex Games writes. “There are four kinds of science in the game at the moment: survival, mechanic, metallurgy, and chemistry.” As in a lot of games with science-y trees, you can’t just roll a new toon and immediately start building rockets; you have to work your way through the disciplines first.

“For example, colonists can’t study steel weapon production before they expand their knowledge in metallurgy, chemistry and discover the ‘Steel Processing’ technology.” And you do that through exploring the game, though the devs are quick to note one person can’t master every imaginable tech.

“In case of death, as mentioned before, the character keeps all discovered technologies and studied science, that allows quickly make up for lost time. You just might have to do a little harvesting to make that sweet gear you had before. Our goal with Tech and Science in Population Zero is to make sure that players have to build an actual character and choose what they want to do and how well they wish to be able to do it. We don’t want players being able to master all tasks in the game, because then what would the fun be in living in a world with hundreds of other colonists?”


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Bruno Brito

I love when jokes write themselves.

Robert Mann

They won’t. The population is zero, after all. Nobody there = no doing anything.

*Nominates this one yet again for worst name of the year. Seriously, is the name a guarantee you can’t play, or a guarantee it won’t have players, and which comes first?!?*


And you do that through exploring the game

We need more of this in mmos .. in every way

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Hopefully the population isn– dangit Panagiotis!


jokes aside it feels like it can be good game, lol

Jeremy Barnes

Seriously though, what is with these survival games and having 37687237727 official servers


i always wondered about that too, its like they dont want to form communities


I think that a lot of people, who logic and rational thinking isn’t part of their lives are making games and in the end wonder why these games fail.


Hopefully the population isnt zero :p