Crowfall’s Raph Koster has some advice for community managers


Community management may be one potential path to making inroads at a development studio, but before you take that job, you’d best heed the advice of one of the MMO industry’s veteran designers.

Crowfall’s Raph Koster posted a list of advice for those who step into the role of community engagement. The 14 items offer a range of smart tactics, from “don’t get a swelled head” to “always be honest,” but above all of it, there’s the sense that community management is a delicate balance that requires a shrewd and deft touch.

It’s also good advice to anyone who posts in comments, forums, or on Reddit: “Give attention only to that which you want to encourage. Your attention is a precious gift. If you spend it on troublemakers, you’ll just make more of them.”

Got any community management advice you’d like to share?

Source: Raph Koster
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