The MOP Up: TERA and PUBG combine unholy forces


TERA sent out a press release this week confirming the end of the world: “Finally, the dream collaboration between TERA and PUBG is real! With the cooperation of PUBG Corporation, TERA will update with the amazing TERA x PUBG style costumes and items in the TERA Store. All your favorites are on display, with PUBG outfits, cool foot stamps and special pets for every race and gender.”

More information, they say, is coming. We know you cannot wait.

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Pull up a drink and get to know another Elder Scrolls Online character, Tharayya: “Intrepid adventurer. Respected scholar. Tharayya is an expert in all things Dwarven, and she is willing to dig up all of Tamriel to get to its hidden histories.”

A small patch on February 12th allowed Trove’s clubs to automatically pay their rent and created a new power rank tier.

SpatialOS creator Improbable picked up Lincoln Wallen from Dreamworks and EA Mobile as its new Chief Product Officer.

The revived Echo of Soul brought out a Kingdom update that will revive a pair of old dungeons, raise the level cap to 84, and open up a couple of raid zones. [Source: press release]

Impressed by all of the voice acting that went into Path of Exile: Betrayal? Then you’ll want to read this interview about the creation of all that dialogue. Also, scope out that sweet Alpine Hideout!

War of Rights’ 140th alpha update is out the door with performance optimizations and the ability to spectate during the Last Stand event.

Skyforge got mailboxes. It is truly on the cutting edge of MMORPG features.

The Chinese government has officially recognized e-sports as a legitimate profession. It’s all downhill from here, people.

What lies in the depths of Dark Age of Camelot’s newest grab bag? Reach on in and find out!

Could the hugely popular Apex Legends come to China? Tencent is in talks to do just that!

Fortnite is literally breaking up. Well, there are cracks. It’s probably more interesting than dire, however.

The newly launched Astroneer pushed out a bunch of small fixes for its release version.

Dauntless is moving to bi-weekly patches for its update cadence, with this week’s open beta update containing a lot of quality-of-life improvements.

MapleStory’s team penned a letter discussing a few “situations” including what its doing with cheaters and false bans.

There’s an exciting content update coming to the multiplayer Breach on February 19th that contains a new map, boss monster, Veil Demon, ranking system, and the Medic hero class.

The third season of Closers’ Rogue Agents is now live:

World of Warcraft brought out some hotfixes to dungeons and PvP this past week. Also, Jaina as She-Ra? Call us weird, but it kind of works:

Another heavy-hitting mobile MMO is on its way from Nexon — this one called Traha. It should launch on both Android and iOS this April 18th in Korea, with no global release announced. Also, Thor’s Chris Hemsworth is part of its promotion for some reason:

The SEGS City of Heroes emulator project has a few words to say about NPCs and contacts:

This League of Legends K-Pop video has inspired the making of a cosplay movie:

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