Black Desert Online explains the intent of the Adventure Log and Dark Rift


Jae-hee Kim, executive producer for Black Desert Online, has penned a letter to provide some context for the recent additions of Bartali’s Adventure Log and Dark Rift boss monster fights, which are both meant to (ideally) make things more interesting for those running around the world of Calpheon.

In the case of the Adventure Log, the intention is to provide new activities and challenges for players of all levels, as well as give players a better look at the activities the game offers. The feature also provides an answer to the problem of players avoiding entire quest lines.

As for Dark Rift battles, these look to offer advancement for players who don’t have a lot of time to spend in BDO while also making defeating monsters less tedious: Dark Rift monsters don’t disappear after a certain amount of time, dying to these bosses does not incur a death penalty or reset the creature’s HP, and plans are in place to make the Dark Rift boss weaker as time passes, letting those with lower AP take a swing while receiving the same rewards.

official site, thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!
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