Indie sci-fi sandbox Prosperous Universe is rejiggering its roadmap


Prosperous Universe is probably one of the more underrated MMORPG sandboxes we’ve covered over the last year, chiefly because of its browser-based nature. The elevator pitch is that you’re the CEO of a space flight company, running a business, building spaceships, trading, and working through a persistent universe economy.

At this stage in development, however, the devs are talking about a roadmap restructure.

“We were (and still are) brainstorming about how we want to proceed in terms of feature development after the upcoming reset,” indie developer Simulogics wrote this weekend – the reset is what they’re referring to as the “Big Crunch,” if you’re wondering. “While a pretty solid roadmap exists, we felt like it didn’t do the actual circumstances after the First Access release justice anymore. The usual theory-gets-hit-by-reality problem. We haven’t arrived at any final decision yet, though.”

We took a peek at the game back in December:

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Its interesting sure, a bit like 3x games made into mmo, but I would so much rather it was a client game

maydrock .

I have had an account/playing for a week now. I think it’s a great game for economy players, but there in lies the problem; there is not enough players to get the economy off the ground. If I am looking at it correctly, there are usually between 10 to 20 players on at any given time. I’m sure they have a plan for that, but right now it makes the game play slow.

I have yet to build one single addition to my plot after a week of play beyond the starter items. Going through the tutorials took a bit of time the first day, but after that it has been log on to refresh the build orders in the queue system. I did make some mistakes on what to build, but I have yet to make the money through crafting to make my next farm plot(I’m a farmer :P) and definitely don’t have the funds to play the market yet. That would be kinda like after a week, I still haven’t upgraded one piece of gear or attained level 2 in a fantasy mmorpg. I’m sure there is more to do as I learn the game, but as of now it’s maybe 15 minutes of play and then the feeling is there is nothing to do.

I realize they are still in development and will continue the above, but have concerns with the lack of activity to do in the early game, that they will not be able to keep players interested long enough for the game to flesh out for them. /shrug


Well probably most people dont know much about it and if they do, Early Access state has slowly got a bad reputation, so that plays a role. Add to it, that Sci-fi is less popular theme than fantasy for example.

I love space based games on the other hand

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I started to watch tutorials after getting a key from here but after staring at the windows, charts and graphs for a bit I asked myself, “Why would I do this instead of playing with the real, actual economy?”