ArenaNet has revivified classic Guild Wars’ support website, vows support for ‘years to come’


So here’s an interesting tidbit we missed in the hubbub of last week: ArenaNet has resurrected its support site for classic Guild Wars.

“In an effort to better support our community and their adventures through Tyria, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new support site dedicated entirely to the original Guild Wars experience,” ArenaNet writes. “This knowledge base serves as the ArenaNet Support Team’s central repository of articles and solutions to common issues that can arise while playing Guild Wars […]. We’re looking forward to supporting Guild Wars for years to come, and will continue to expand the Guild Wars Support site as we do just that.”

Does it mean anything beyond what’s being said? We don’t know, but we sure do love the sound of “years to come.” As MMO players already know, there’s been a flurry of ArenaNet activity around the game in the last year, starting with a graphics update and most recently a big quality-of-life update and Complete Collection edition.

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