Elder Scrolls Online teases the challenges and rewards of Wrathstone’s Frostvault dungeon, coming next week


We’re barreling on toward the PC launch of Elder Scrolls Online’s Wrathstone DLC next week, and if indeed you’ll be picking up the DLC, you’re gonna want to know what’s in it. Happily, we can oblige. One of the dungeons, Depths of Malatar, has been previewed at length; as we’ve noted, it’s actually based on an old Oblivion Ayleid dungeon. The other, however, is all-new. Dubbed the Frostvault, it’s an ancient Dwemer vault. An archaeologist wants to go digging to unearth its secrets; she just needs some muscle to beat back the goblins.

You’re that muscle.

The “centerpiece” of the dungeon is what ZeniMax is calling the Dwarven Delver, and it sounds like you’ll be making use of it to fight your way through not just those goblins but also traps and bosses too – assuming you want to new gear set and dwemer spider mini.

“Most challenging, however, is the gigantic Stonekeeper, Frostvault’s final boss. Be careful, as this monstrous machine can quickly dispatch your team with powerful beams, a flame cannon, and spinning blades. All of these weapons threaten unsuspecting adventurers, but none more so than the Extermination Protocol attack that can target your entire group.”

Also? Glowy butts.


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