Modern combat vehicles are coming to War Thunder


As much as online vehicular combat games like War Thunder love them some history, every now and again you’ve got to get with the times. So it will go with Update 1.87, which introduces late 20th century combat vehicles to the game, including a new Rank VII tier of ground vehicles.

Rank VII specifically will add combat vehicles created in the late ’80s and ’90s like the British Challenger 2 battle tank, while aerial vehicles like the British Sea Hawk FGA.6 and American PBM-3 Mariner are set to arrive with Update 1.87 as well. The official website’s devblog space promises to have more details bout the various armored toys coming to War Thunder soon.

The presser did not provide a hard date for Update 1.87’s launch but does promise that it’s “imminent.” Take that as you will.

source: press release

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I really wish there were a proper competitor to this and World of Tanks that didn’t have such a massive, horrendous grind.

RIP Armored Warfare, gone too soon, pushed to the grave by a publisher wanting a WoT clone.