RuneScape’s latest patch focuses on bug-fixes and quality-of-life improvements


A new RuneScape patch went live this week, but after the last few updates — which, as you might recall, introduced a new questline, improvements to the questing system, farmhands, and other new features — the devs seem to be taking a short breather from adding new content to focus on ironing out bugs and making some other minor adjustments.

Even though there weren’t any major new additions in this latest patch, there are still a handful of things that should help to make players’ lives a little bit easier, especially for miners and blacksmiths. For instance, ore boxes can now be used on deposit boxes to quickly transfer the ore box’s contents without depositing the ore box itself, and in-progress smithing items can now be heated up by using them on a forge.

The mobile version of the game received some love as well, receiving a variety of UI improvements and bug fixes. Notably, the devs have fixed a bug that prevented the Mourning’s End quest from being accepted.

Also, the devs have announced that RuneScape’s next double XP weekend will be taking place this weekend, from February 22nd to February 25th. For the duration of the event, RuneScape members will receive double experience, while free-players will receive a lesser (but still somewhat significant) 20% increase to XP, with some caveats, the full list of which can be found over at the game’s official site.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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