LOTRO fan starts petition for Standing Stone to rehire a beloved world builder

Build it up.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. It’s a fan petition, yes, but it’s a fan petition for Standing Stone Games to offer the developer known as Drachyn her previous position as a world builder in Lord of the Rings Online. And it’s not being motivated by any sort of scandal or anything; petition-maker Diogo Pires just really admires the work she did in the game and thinks the game would be better off with her designing zones for the title once again.

Pires clarifies that he’s not sure of why she was rehired as QA and then left on her own terms in 2018, nor is he sure if she would even want the job back if offered. None of that is the point. He’s just petitioning the studio to make her the offer. It’s a little odd, but there’s something so gently warm to “this world builder was good and she should be rehired as such” that you have to admire the sentiment.

Source: Change.org
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I read a few months back about a new LOTR MMORPG launching that will be F2P, so I think investing in LOTRO at this point is madness.

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

What a silly thing to do. This won’t happen because SSG clearly has no major expansion plans for this game so why do things like these? If you like the work this particular person does – you should actually be glad that this person left this stale project and would instead use her talent on something else and should instead support whatever she is doing or developing now.


that engine is so tired for combat and so limited in what it can do can we just get a game engine for a new LOTRO that works by today’s standards?


Same holds for DDO too. SSG has some genuinely great creative staff there still; if they actually built a new title for modern spec I’d buy it sight unseen. As it is, you have really talented worldbuilders shackled by archaic engines and atavistic business models. I really hope there’s something new being worked on over there.