FFXIV recaps Fan Fest Paris and FFXI announces a Doll Festival


What do a fan expo for an MMORPG and an in-game event featuring dolls have in common? They’re both Final Fantasy-related events! Obviously. How could you not tie those two together? Both of Squeenix’s MMORPGs are in the news today, with one looking back at some good times and another looking forward to some good dollies.

On the Final Fantasy XI front, we have the Doll Festival that will run between Monday, February 25th and Sunday, March 10th. Moogles will arrive to two different locations in each of the game’s three main cities, offering cute Doll Festival-themed items for your personal space as well as doll displays to view.

As for Final Fantasy XIV, they’re taking a look back at the sights and sounds of the Fan Festival that went down in Paris. It’s over three minutes of happy players, amazing cosplay, and generally good feelings. You can take that all in after the cut and be sure to look over Eliot’s own impressions of the event.


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That’s how you do a Fan Fest…you know… for the actual fans \(^_^)/

Great job SE!

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I love FFXIV. Talk about a come back story. It’s been on my hard drive since the original version and the relaunch version and all it’s expansions will continue to take up valuable space. Just a quality game.