Guns blaze in the City of Lights as Overwatch’s new Paris map goes live

Guns blaze in the City of Lights as Overwatch’s new Paris map goes live

What could be more romantic than a whirlwind getaway to gay Paris — la Ville Lumière, the very epicenter of art, history, and culture? If your answer to that question involves the addition of gunfights between heroes and villains with incredible powers, some of which may happen to be sentient hamsters or genius gorilla scientists, then boy are you in luck because Overwatch’s new Paris map is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In this new assault map, players can visit iconic locations real or fictional alike, including the (fictional) Cabaret Luna, home of the Omnic diva Luna; the renowned (fictional) Pâtisserie Galand bakery; the (also fictional) Maison Marat; and the beautiful waters of the (very much real) river Seine. It’s available to play right now on the live servers, but if you want to take a tour of the city’s winding alleys before you jump into them for yourself, you can check out the map’s official release trailer below.

And in other, less upbeat Blizzard-related news, the Heroes of the Storm content-creator collective known as Lords of the Storm has announced that, following “the events of the past months” — referring to the ongoing tumult within Activision-Blizzard that resulted in the slowing of HotS’s update cadence and, more recently and devastatingly, massive layoffs within the company — the group has “lost a lot of [its] passion for Blizzard as a company, and to an extent, for Heroes as a game.” Thus, Lords of the Storm has decided to call it quits after four years of regular streaming, with one last hurrah tonight, February 20th, at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Source: Press Release, Lords of the Storm

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Turrets as far as the eye can see …. /sigh

It does seem to lend itself to turret camps which or at least that is what people seem to be going with at the moment. Not my favourite way to play or play against if I am honest.

Still its is a nice looking map and I am sure I will get some fun out of it eventually.