Patch 0.1 brings a new map and new class to Breach


In what’s being described as the online shooter’s first major monthly patch of its early access, Breach’s latest update is introducing a variety of new features and a new place to get your “dungeon brawl” on.

Highlights of the new patch include an Egyptian-themed map called Valley of Kings, a new boss in the form of Sekhmet, and a new Medic Hero class, which is described as an offensive run-and-gun type of healer. The patch also adds Veil Demon or Hero options to the queue system and launches its beta version of a ranking system.

Of course, no patch to any game is complete without bug fixes and class tweaks. You can scour those specifics at the game’s Steam page or just get the summarized version of what’s new content-wise in the video embedded below.

source: steam page via twitter

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IronSalamander8 .

Still haven’t tried this one yet. We’ve been distracted by WAR RoR which blind-sided me as I gave up on WAR years ago. The dev team is doing quite well to be sure, especially for a free project. We may still give it a try once it is free to play. It has some cool ideas at least.


Meh game… dead on arrival.


I have played the game during the free weekend or what ever it was called. Looks like a generic korean game, even though it is developed in Europe, controls are very floaty.
Couldn’t even get past the tutorial because of how bad it was. Don’t even bother looking at it until it becomes fully free.


Everything is bad abut it, I tested it too. The developers are scammers too – they said it was going to be F2P, they they started selling Early Access, and even people that bought Early Access left, because the game is too boring and generic.

For me the issue was combat – it felt really bad and clunky, the other issue being – it’s a hub-oriented game – you stay in a hub, pick a mission, go into the instanced mission location, complete the mission and go back to the hub – feels like a lot of grind for apparent reason and no visible goal at the horizon.

It’s a waste of developer workforce and it will die nameless.

Richie Shoemaker

You can’t assume the devs are pulling a scam on the basis of charging for pre-release access – it’s a pretty common thing to do these days, whether you like it or not. In any case, compared to some pre-f2p releases, <10 creds seems quite reasonable. Whether the game is worth investing in at this juncture is another matter.


I’m not assuming, I know it already, I’ve seen this done for 4-5 years already on steam with developers that have an unfinished game and they put in Early Access and it stays like this for years, it either gets abandoned by devs or lives long enough to be abandoned by players before it leaves early access.

They put the games in this EA state, and yet have the audacity to sell extra stuff in the cash shop. It’s really a slimy practice to milk it as much mush as it can during the initial hype and then bail.

If you don’t believe me, you will see how this game fails in no time. ;)

Richie Shoemaker

Yes, you are assuming. In your own words, you base what you think you know on speculation – the very definition of the word.