Black Desert’s PC version rolls out the new Central Market as Xbox One edition mops up beta bugs


Economy fiends, it’s your week to shine in Black Desert. That’s because the game’s trading system has received a major new implementation in the form of the Central Market. “Central Market is the first step to create a free market economy where you as the adventurer create your own market without much restriction,” Kakao says. “We wanted to ensure convenience and accessibility to bring more joy to the art of trading.”

The patch notes include half a dozen charts to break it all down and explain what’s changed with the overhaul, but really it’s pretty simple: The old system made you trek to specific locations to register for auction items that continued taking up inventory space, and that market restricted by territory. The new one allows you to register your item to the market from anywhere (even mobile, eventually), as long as the item’s been properly stored in your warehouse first, and the item is gone from your inventory. Poof. There are also new base prices based on the current market and smarter buy orders too. Bonus, silver no longer has any weight at all.

Meanwhile, over in the Xbox One beta, Pearl Abyss admits that the servers struggled with multiple issues. Topping the list is the “BooCoob” error, which caused no end of trouble for European consolers over the weekend. PA says it’s fixed now, and it’ll be addressing the server-switch problem by launch too, along with camera bugs, server chat issues, housing filters, and screen shake. The UI bug, on the other hand, will get a fix, but that won’t be in by launch.


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Tom Romdal

Taxes are still crushing so still a hard pass from me.

Also, they do not state explicitly if price margins are now allowed to increase, only that the price itself is allowed to vary. If the price is allowed to vary but the price margin still kept at e.g. 30%, the horrible tax will still eat all profits.


These are some nice changes. I remember my abortive attempts to play this game have always been problematic because I had to run around to every town with a market board to list and retrieve items and cash. So this is a decent quality of life improvement.

I still can’t get back into the game because for me to be a successful (even moderately) life skill player, I’d have to stay logged in essentially 24/7 and leave my computer running. I’m too granola to handle the waste of energy that entails.

Still, props to the devs when they are deserved!


Their storage system is so so so convoluted. Inventory too and convoluted so they can nickel and dime players on every single tiny interaction. GW2 does it right. It’s simple, elegant, and care-free for players. Same for costumes. Costumes that every class has access to in BDO should be purchased and usable by all characters on that account.

Love the silver change. Should have been that way at launch. Build your systems to be intuitive. That’s what players in the west like. Don’t nickel and dime me and I’ll throw money at you. With BDO I always felt as if I were throwing my money away.

So frustrating spending a ton on weight and slot upgrades on a main, only to find a year later you’d like to play a new main and now you have to do that all over again. So many games don’t punish players like that. It’s account-wide unlocks for stuff like that and those are the games that will be getting my money in the future.


but really it’s pretty simple

So simple you got the basics wrong!

So first of all, the new system is still restricted on what you can list and for how much. You can’t roll up and sell a potato for a million silver like you do in a free economy. What has changed here is that the price restrictions have loosened up quite a bit and will change more over time based on the number of people buying/ordering items.

Second big change is now everything works off a buy order system. So instead of having 1 preorder on 1 item you can now preorder as many items as you want to your wallet’s content. Only 1 cash shop item though. You wanna throw down 200 preorders on everything you 100% can. However if the item has reached it’s current maximum price it’s a random chance who gets the item. Of course if the price goes up then your order stays at the old value.

Third big change is that there’s now one central storage system for the market. If you want to sell things, you have to put them in that storage first meaning you do gotta go to that specific location and load it up. Each item has a “Volume” (VT) amount and you get up to 5000 VT. So this means something like a Relic Shard which is only 1 VT you could use this storage to hold thousands of relic shards without taking up valuable storage space on alts/banks. This also means that things such as Market Maids can function like a global bank access since if you put all your money in there you can reach in any time and pull out whatever money you need. Since the same central storage is accessed anywhere that means you can use it to transfer goods as well, such as uploading good from Valencia, then taking them out on another character in Calpheon.

Silver has no weight, but you can only carry 100m for some reason. This means trading is kinda dead as doing a bulk turn in for billions is going to mean a lot of back and forth and bargaining again.

Over all, I like the new system. I was able to take hundreds of relics and tools and throw them all in the central storage which cleared up around 2000 storage slots I had used up in various banks/wagons/alts/etc for those things.

Toy Clown

I’m excited about the fact that I can pre-order a cash shop outfit on the market now and for the fact I don’t have to have hundreds of millions of silver in every zone I frequent in case something comes up on the market I want to bid on – of which those bids only won once in a blue moon.

It’s alleviated two of the things about the market I disliked, so I’m happy about that.

As a seller, I’m waiting a few weeks before resuming selling materials.

Kickstarter Donor

So even more economic systems and “virtual world” elements up in smoke.


Actually, rather the opposite. BDO’s old marketplace was basically a way to sell things you didn’t want. It wasn’t really something you could use to “make money”. Everything was price-capped very tightly, often well below the time-sink-cost of getting it. The new system should let prices float more. How much more, we’ll have to see.

You could always “look” at the market from anywhere. You had to go to town to list an item, but once listed, it could be bought anywhere. The new system lets you put stuff into a central warehouse at those same towns. Once you’ve done so, you can throw it up on the market anytime, but you still need to go to the same place to put it in the warehouse.

The old system, you only had access to the silver in that town, or in your current character. The new one you only have access to the silver in the central warehouse. It means you don’t have to pick “a market town” for your account, but you do have to manage moving silver in/out of the warehouse for buying things from NPCs.

The old system let you place one preorder for a quantity of one item. The new one, it appears you can put up any number of orders for something you want that’s not currently for sale. It also looks like you can see what the other orders pending are, which you couldn’t do before.

It’s made a couple concessions to “being a game”, but overall I think the idea is much closer to a “real” market than the old one was. And the fact that you can put up orders for the stuff you want to build a ship, or cook food, or what-have-you and not have to wait endlessly at the market NPC hoping someone would list one should be nice.

“Hey, Bh’ob? I’d like 100 timber, 75 traces of fury, and 10,000 flax please. I’m willing to pay this much – here’s the silver, let me know when you’ve got it.”