Bless Unleashed previews the archer class, re-confirms 2019 Xbox One launch


Hey, so Bless Unleashed is still happening. Bandai Namco sent ’round a brand-new trailer for the game today, introducing the Ranger class, which it says is “built to deal death from afar as they unleash lethal bow-and-arrow attacks to defeat multiple enemies at once or take down the mightiest of beasts.”

MMO players will recall that the Bandai Namco and Neowiz announced the new game last year in a startling move. Neowiz told us there’s a totally different team working on this game – it’s not the Bless Online team still updating the PC game – and that it’s a “whole new game, built from the ground up in Unreal 4 with a focus on consoles” with “new story, new combat, new content” and so forth. But news that it would be a console-first MMORPG angered Bless Online players who nevertheless believed their early access dollars were effectively funding another game.

The game is still expected to launch on Xbox One later this year. The new assets are down below.

Source: Press release

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I’m sure this will be every bit the success Bless Online turned out to be!

oh wait …

Kickstarter Donor

“Sign up for the beta!”

Nah homie: I’m good.

Kickstarter Donor

A “whole new game” that looks a helluva lot like the “old” game, down to the animations.

I swear, this is them being that guy that asks to borrow a friends homework for reference, copies it while making only a handful of minor changes, and then tries to claim to the teacher that he did it all on his own and totally didn’t largely copy from his friend who has a nearly identical paper. It’s just a freak coincidence!

“Make them pray”…for what? Trailer dudes, what are they praying for? Salvation? Redemption? A pizza? A better game? INQUIRING MINDS MUST KNOW!


Make them pray… that they act on the refund before the time limit runs out.