Dark and Light drops its price as it promises it’s moving toward a full release

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Gosh, we really hope you didn’t buy Dark and Light last week because the title’s price has just been dropped to $17.99. The announcement of the price cut makes it explicit that this is not a sale or a temporary cut but the new permanent price of the title going forward, which Snail Games claims will “better reflect” what players on Steam are looking for. Which is… probably strictly true, insofar as everyone likes paying less for things.

The announcement also claims that the game is moving toward a full release in the near future, although there’s no concurrent announcement about patches or additional content at or following said release. Player reaction seems largely distrustful of the overall trajectory, with a consensus in the comments that this is an attempt to move the game before writing it off altogether. There are promises that players will be less likely to lose gear when the game moves into its full proper release phase, so read into that what you will. Especially in context of the game recently closing down a pile of early access servers.

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Just another cash grab…

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I like Dark and Light its a decent game, shame its having issues.


So, yay for price drops and all, but isn’t one of the “benefits” of some Early Access games that you get a deal on the price before it goes up at launch? That was the party line for ARK and probably ATLAS.

Forget buying the game last week at a higher price, I’d be annoyed getting it at a higher price in Early Access than it will be at launch. Yes, people get to play the game earlier, and yes you expect prices to come down over time. AFTER LAUNCH.

Have we finally come to a point where Early Access really does mean nothing other than a marketing term for “buy our buggy game that we may or may not finish so we can use beta as an excuse, thanks”?


We’ve been at that point for years.


The problem with snail games usa is they make some good games, but like all mmos they need to get expanded and improved and bug fixes – yet all of a sudden they tend to abandon them after a little while and when the games ARE still popular. They made it with Black Gold, they continued with Age of Wushu and from what I see they havent been handling Dark and Light very well either