The Elder Scrolls Online previews the upcoming Eld Angvar battleground

Time is on my side, after a fashion.

Eld Angvar is a locale in the Ayleid world between worlds, a space where boundaries of space break down and you can easily teleport from place to place. So why not take that as an opportunity to fight people with the next update to The Elder Scrolls Online? It’s one of those rare times when, contrary to expectations, your enemies can hide but they can’t run. This carries over into how the map is designed, with everyone starting in the center of the map rather than the edges.

The nature of the map also means that certain parts are inaccessible in certain modes, while others become more important. And the update containing Eld Angvar also contains new rewards for PvP fans, so you have even more incentive to get into the meat of the battle and match yourself against the strength of your enemies. Check out the full preview on the official site. It’s worth noting that this update is the free one that goes up alongside the latest DLC, so you’ll have new stuff to enjoy even if you’re not grabbing that DLC just yet.


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