Lord of the Rings Online producer’s letter confirms seventh expansion


The 2019 producer’s letter is here for Lord of the Rings Online, and Hobbits and Big Folk alike have plenty to celebrate as they look to the future of this long-running MMORPG.

For starters, there’s another expansion on the way, although SSG isn’t naming or dating it quite yet. The expansion will come after Vale of Anduin and Minas Morgul content updates and will feature instances with adjustable difficulty for players seeking additional challenge.

Another delightful surprise is a major overhaul to the virtue and deed system: “Rather than the current system where deeds reward virtue points directly, we will shift to a system where completing deeds (and possibly other content) will award virtue experience points. Players will be able to choose which virtue advances, whether that virtue is slotted or not. Characters with existing virtue ranks will be converted to the new system with their virtue level intact. Additionally, all virtues will provide small passive benefits to your character, even if they are not slotted.”

Standing Stone Games said that LOTRO’s long-awaited 64-bit client will start testing as early as next month and that a major overhaul to the crafting system is on the way. Tack on more kinship rewards and a group finder improvement, and 2019 is aiming to be a memorable one in Middle-earth.

Source: LOTRO
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