The Division 2 has plenty to keep you occupied at endgame


With open beta right around the corner, The Division 2 is hoping to make a strong impression on the gaming community and make inroads with new fans. And while nobody’s going to be blasting up to the endgame in the beta, Ubisoft is encouraging fans to look ahead to the high-level activities that will come when the title goes live.

The Division 2 says that “the rules will change” with its endgame, which includes a new Black Tusk faction, character specializations, raids, five world tiers, living world activities, faction strongholds, clan projects, and of course, a new Dark Zone.

Check out the endgame trailer after the break and see if it stirs up some interest in taking back the U.S. capitol from what we assume are Vogons or some other alien race. No? Just crazy people? All right then. The open beta will take place from March 1st through the 4th.

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TD2 hasn’t been overhyped by Ubisoft. All the videos are in game footage. They explained very thoroughly that it’s an improved version of the first game, nothing more. They did a decent job explaining how endgame will work and as importantly, what they learned from the first game.

I like that Ubisoft isn’t trying to convince anyone to buy their games. They have been good at explaining/showing what they got and letting people decide for themselves. To that end, we’re not seeing anything groundbreaking from them, just solid knowable games.


I have clocked in hundreds of hours into the first game and I still have fun with it from time to time even though I’ve burnt through the pve content.

I’m not a pvper so I rarely set foot on the dz but despite the game having a more pvp reputation, it actually has a pretty good pve endgame loop.

From what I saw in the betas the game is better in every single core facet of the loop. From pvp to pve, the game has added a wealth of features and in my opinion for the better.

Pve while fun in Div1 is very limited, not every dungeon had a Challenging or Legendary difficulty past Hard. Or some would have Hard and Legendary but not Challenging.

So for me who enjoyed soloing Challenge modes, I would only have 5 out of 16 missions available. Legendary was even in a worse state with only 3 till the last major patch drop of last year bumping it up 6. I hope the devs saw this issue and will make endgame where all missions have all 4 difficulties.


Not gonna lie, the original Division game was total **** show at launch. End game was downright awful, even the Dark Zones felt pointless. After a few years on the market, it seems like the team over there figured out what players wanted from the end game and worked to provide it.

It seems as if, based on the blurb from Justin that they learned their lesson. The number of things indicated there are substantial activities to do for an end game, at launch. While I won’t be spending $100 like I did on the first one, I’m certainly willing to pick up the title.

The story and setting for this game are highly appealing to me. I hope they manage to turn this franchise around because its deserving of a series.

Danny Smith

The difference is like night and day. I remember hitting max level, beating that lame helicopter boss and being told “hey now the city is a pointless, empty ghost town and you go get ganked by gate campers in the DZ or do hard modes of dungeons for just as shitty gear but with shotgunners that one shot you” and i hard peaced out.

But after all the expansions and updates it changed a lot. Theres world tiers like diablo, the city repopulates and adds things like named roaming elite mobs and supply drops. Theres world events, xp after max level that grants actual crates of powerful endgame loot and not just cosmetics like destiny which makes clearing all the collectibles a noticeable power upgrade, an entire new area on the west coast with new activities and a lot more. Before touching any paid expansion content like the underground or survival.

To see they have taken that but added to it with things like auto turrets at the interior exits in the DZ so campers get melted if they try to pick off lowbies for keys shows a lot more lessons learned than destiny 2 which is basically all anyone wanted when it was announced.

A Dad Supreme

They don’t have to sell me anymore. I’ve been sold since the Division 1.

This is definitely one game where I could care less what anyone on YouTube has to say about it.


I agree – I had so much fun in the first one, and the private beta of #2 didn’t disappoint. Really looking forward to this!


Isn’t this some form of kiss of death?

Has anyone ever claimed to have a great endgame and actually deliver?

I picture this as someone pointing out that no one knows anything about the endgame, and the devs rush to calm everyone claiming to have it all under control, when in fact they never considered they’d need an endgame at launch, devs tend to overestimate the staying power of their games.

Danny Smith

The Division 2 is a funny thing if only because its the most ‘safe’ sequel i’ve seen in a while but that fact alone means i’m a lot more hopeful for it.
Just look at Destiny 1 circa Rise of Iron then Destiny 2 and its like all the lessons learned were thrown out for a designed by committee that left people going “what happened to all the improvements from the taken king?!?” and all the stuff like world tiers in division 2? yeah that came in a big patch in the first division game. Almost like they are taking the lessons learnt so the 1.0 release is itself sound rather than ‘w-well if they update it down the road it might be good’ like just about every other looter shooter release in the last 2 years.

I dont think its going to rock the boat or do anything ground breaking. But simply being a massive new area that gives you more of the positive elements of the first rather than trying to design it for ‘wider market appeal’ or worse ‘the esports/streamer audience’ can’t be a bad thing at this point.

Which also really tells you how low the standards for the genre have gotten huh?


Not every game has to rock the boat, just as long as they’re not a Final Fantasy XIV version 1.0 or a Fallout 76.

This will be a really fun game a lot of people are looking forward to. Many people playing The Division have been looking forward to a full new game world that’s close to the same thing.

Our standards aren’t that low, or else you wouldn’t have seen all of the condemning of Fallout 76 for instance, it would have been accepted if our standards were that low (sadly, some do have standards that low and have accepted it, but as a whole we haven’t).

The Division 2 looks to be a decently fun game. We don’t always need massive advancements. That’s what causes movie sequels to get more and more out there, unrealistic and silly. Always trying to beat the last one rather than do another good job that people will enjoy.


I’m excited for The Division 2. But if the previous game, Destiny, and Destiny 2 are anything to go by (and probably Anthem, after browsing some reviews and talking to some friends), I’ll probably wait at least a year before I pick it up.