Make My MMO: Shroud of the Avatar is rolling out player-created dungeon encounters this week

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This week week in MMO crowdfunding, Shroud of the Avatar is gearing up for its 63rd release. Portalarium is currently testing pronged weapons, pirate cosmetics, new themed dungeon rooms, new deco, and more tweaks to the new in-game cash shop. Since the last update, the team has also tweaked player-owned towns to be upgradeable using crown currency. But the player dungeon system is probably the most notable bit:

“The first round of Player-Made Dungeon encounters are going live in Release 63, including a system to level-up these dungeon encounter rooms! For this first release, we’re adding one encounter type, but it’ll be added to multiple different rooms. It may be a ‘proof of concept’ encounter, but any effort you put into leveling-up the room will be saved. Additionally, a new set of prison-themed Player Dungeon rooms are coming into the game.”

Meanwhile, Project Gorgon dropped a big update, Pantheon previewed Project Faerthale, Camelot Unchained gave a peek at its revised ability UI, OrbusVR teased its new dungeon, Ship of Heroes pumped out new screenshots, City of Titans demoed its character creation, the Fuel Rats rescued another wayward soul in Elite Dangerous as Frontier prepares for a major forum renovation, and Legends of Aria addressed its plans on Twitch.

Read on for more on what’s been up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks and our roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’re following!

Ship of Heroes teases

Recent MMO crowdfunding news


Campaigns and crowdfunded MMOs we’re watching

3001SQ (Société des Mondes Virtuels) – Kickstarter unsuccessful, dev halted in 2018.
AdventureQuest 3D (Artix Entertainment) – Raised 368k; beta began Oct 2016.
Albion Online (Sandbox) – Launched July 2017, hit Steam May 2018.
Antraxx (Team Antraxx) – Kickstarter canceled.
Ascent: The Space Game (Fluffy Kitten Studios) – Successful KS. Fully launched 2016.
Ashes of Creation (Intrepid Studios) – Successful KS. Alpha zero.
Broke Protocol (Cylinder) – Unsuccessful KS. In free early access.
Camelot Unchained
(City State) – Kickstarter successful; open donations/packages.
Caribbean Conquest (Invenio) – First KS canceled, second ended unsuccessfully.
Codename Reality (Orode) – Kickstarter unsuccessful.
Contested Space (Zon)
Crowfall (ArtCraft) – Kickstarter win, open packages, Indiegogo crowdfunding ongoing.
Chronicles of Elyria (Soulbound) – Kickstarter successful, open packages.
Citadel of Sorcery (MMO Magic, Inc.) – Open donations.
City of Titans (Missing Worlds Media) – Successful KS; Issue 0 delayed into 2019.
Descent Underground (Descendent Studios) – Successful KS.
Divergence Online (Stained Glass Llama) – Three campaigns; now in KS early access.
Dogma: Eternal Night
(Prelude Games Factory): Kickstarter. Probably dead.
Dragon of Legends (Thrive Games) – Successful Kickstarter.
Dual Universe (Novaquark) – Kickstarter funded, donor platform. Backer alpha.
Eco (Strange Loop Games) – Funded, now in alpha.
Edengrad (Huckleberry Games) – Kickstarter funded; in early access.
Elite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments) – Funded and fully launched.
Empyrion Online (Eleon) – Kickstarter canceled; launched on Steam early access.
Endless Trials (Fire Hurts) – Kickstarter canceled.
Epic Space (
EverFeud (PSB) – Kickstarter canceled.
Ever, Jane (3 Turn Productions) – Now in open beta.
Fractured (Dynamight) – Kickstarter successful. Pre-alpha.
Global Adventures (SubaGames) – Kickstarter funded.
Gloria Victis (Black Eye Games) – Open donations, no end date; in early access.
Greed Monger (Greed Monger) – Abandoned, now allegedly in refund process.
Grim Dawn (Crate Entertainment) – Funded and launched.
Guardians of Ember (Runewaker) – Funded and launched.
Guns of Icarus (Muse) – Funded and launched.
Hero’s Song (Pixelmage) – KS canceled; Indiegogo. Canceled w/ refunds.
Infinity: Battlescape (I-Novae Studios)
HEX (HEX Entertainment) – Funded and launched.
Legends of Aria (Citadel Studios) – Kickstarted as Shards Online. Early access.
Life is Feudal (Bitbox): Indiegogo ended. Currently in beta.
LUX (Chimera) – Kickstarter canceled.
Maestros of the Anthymn (String Theory) – Kickstarter canceled.
Maguss (Maguss) – Indiegogo successful; open beta.
Mekria (Infinity Online Studios) – Kickstarter canceled.
Midair (Archetype Studios) – Kickstarter successful.
Nebula Online (Mizar Games) Kickstarter canceled; launched in November.
Neo’s Land (NeoJac Entertainment) – Open donations, no end date.
Novus AEterno (Taitale Studios)
OrbusVR (Ad Alternum) – KS funded March 2017. In early access.
Overpower (Hydrant Games) – Kickstarter unfunded; heading to early access.
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Visionary Realms) – Open donations. Pre-alpha.
Pantropy (Brain Stone GmbH): First Kickstarter canceled, second funded.
Pathfinder Online (GoblinWorks) – Doom, mostly.
Planet Nomads (Craneballs) – Kickstarted, early access launched sans multiplayer.
Pixel Starships (SavySoda)
Project Gorgon (Elder Game) – Kickstarted in three tries + Indiegogo. Early access.
Project Oasis World (POW) – Kickstarter unsuccessful.
Pumpkin Online (Monique) – Downgrading from MMORPG.
Temtem (Crema) – Kickstarter fully funded; now in alpha.
The Exiled (Fairytale Distillery) – fka Das Tal; KS unsuccessful. Early access.
The Flower of KnighthoodKickstarter canceled.
The Realm: Reawakened (Stephen Nichols) – Ongoing GoFundMe.
The Repopulation (Idea Fabrik) – Kickstarted twice by A&B. Back in alpha.
ROKH (Darewise) – Kickstarter canceled; in  early access but not active dev.
RUiN (Tarhead Studio) – Kickstarter successful.
The Stomping Land (Alex Fundora) – Abandoned.
Sacrament (Ferocity Unbound) – Kickstarter failed; Patreon ongoing.
Saga of Lucimia (Stormhaven) – Indiegogo. Intermittent pre-alphas.
Shadow’s Kiss (Clockwork Throne) – Ongoing Patreon, Kickstarter funded.
Shroud of the Avatar (Portalarium) – Soft launch July 2016. Launch March 2018.
Squadron 42 (Cloud Imperium) – Beta delayed until at least 2020.
Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium) – Ongoing donations/packages. Backer alpha.
TUG (Nerd Kingdom) – Totally abandoned without a word. Now considered a scam.
Vigor Roads (NeuronHaze) – Kickstarter unsuccessful; early access planned for 2017.
War of Rights (Campfire Games) – Successful Kickstarter; in early access.

Shroud of the Avatar

Legends of Aria


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Mikka Hansen

During the most recent livestream, they apologized for how thrown together it was because they were working on so many other things and Chris was out a week and they didn’t have time to devote to it.

Here is what is listed for Starr last week in the Stand Up notes:

Monday, February 18, 2019

Starr Long: Planning for next stream, Jira triage, Q2 planning

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Starr Long: Planning for next stream, Jira triage, Q2 planning

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Starr Long: Planning for next stream, Jira triage, Q2 planning, working on R63 forum post

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Starr Long: Livestream planning, Jira triage, Q2 planning

February 22, 2019

Starr Long: Dance party planning, Stream planning, Jira Triage, yelling at us all for not having a working QA build yet

Chris, anything you want to tell us? Maybe that a certain person is leaving the company soon?

Caleb Cranson

Update as of February 26, 2019

Richard Garriott: Playing the game
Chris Spears: Dealing with stupid people, bugs, polish work on Player encounters, SECRET STUFF. :O
Starr Long: Sort of on PTO (has trouble not working even when out though)

Great attitude exhibited by Chris Spears, once again. I wonder if Starr being on PTO is code for “job searching”.


I remember the early days of Neverwinter Online Foundry and it was loads of fun. Certainly added a welcome change of pace/atmosphere, and good laughs here and there.

If done right, maybe Shroud of Avatar could really benefit from it.

But to me it seems what they really need right now is to enlarge their player base beyond the loyal, nostalgic cRPG fans.


Actually SotA has an active and very friendly community that is also active on RP and social aspect of the game.

Bruno Brito

As always: When this game gets optimized i’ll consider it.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

Isn’t Shroud officially released now? I know it is a telethon game – but should it be on the crowdfunding section? I am seriously asking.


They’re crowdfunding the next “season” or whatever you want to call it I believe. All of that funding from Kickstarters to “Release” was just the first part of “Season 1” or whatever and throughout that.

It’s not quite “3m83R/Ember” ridiculous, thankfully, but it is a game I doubt will ever leave the crowdfunding spot.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

Maybe it’a little old ladies in the midwest getting calls from lovers who just need $3000 more dollars and then I promise I’ll finally see you my love!


I think because its not Betawatch, they got all crowdfunded games here

Notice there is Elite Dangerous too in their list


Its nice to see things moving along, both for SotA and for other indie games like Project Gorgon. I also love that pirate theme items could give an avenue for pirate themed RP in this game