MapleStory 2 previews quality-of-life improvements coming in its next patch

Straight shot.

As part of its ongoing Project New Leaf initiative, MapleStory 2 has announced a slew of new quality-of-life changes coming to the game in its upcoming February 28th update. For starters, the devs will be adding a new fragment tab to the game’s inventory, which should make it a bit easier for players to manage and organize all the gear fragments they’ve acquired over the course of the game without all the additional clutter of the miscellaneous tab where they were previously stored.

[AL:MS2]In addition, all players will be getting a whole bunch more inventory slots, with 12 new slots being added to the gear, mounts, catalysts, fishing/music, quest, gemstones, and currency tabs of their inventory. There will also be new pop-up notifications when players attempt to alter, sell, or destroy legendary gear with bonus stats, which should hopefully reduce the likelihood of players accidentally getting rid of valuable equipment.

And last but not least, the available quest window will be getting a minor improvement that will show players a bit of additional information about the quests available to them, such as their levels and types, to give players a bit more guidance in deciding where to continue their adventures.

Obviously, these updates are not nearly as major and potentially controversial as the sweeping changes proposed in the previous dev blog, but players can still head to the game’s forum or subreddit to give their feedback.


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Doesn’t sound to me like they’re addressing the horrible rng endgame progression, so I won’t be returning.

Kevin Smith

Yeah I left for that reason myself. I didn’t enjoy trying to gear up and not getting what I need over and over and over.


The saying “A raincoat after the rain.” fits well here. The population dropped from 42k to 1.5k and I don’t see how they can salvage it when every important aspect of the game revolves around RNG and Gachas.