Allods Online preps three new classes for its next expansion


A new expansion on the way for the somewhat dormant Allods Online? It looks like this might be the case, as revealed the details behind its Destination Horizon content update this past weekend.

Calling the 10.0 patch a mere update might be a misnomer, however; this sounds as though it’s much more on the level of an expansion. Destination Horizon will bring an astounding three new classes (kinda) to the game, not to mention a rare pets catcher, a Phantom Ground activity, an overhaul to character graphics, and plenty of in-game events.

So what new classes are going to try to tempt you with their feature sets? There are Trackers, specialized explorers; Crusaders, sword-and-shield powerhouses; and Witchers, soul-stealing magicians. No date has been set for the expansion, although a listing of the articles to come about it suggest that it might be a little while yet before it arrives.


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Yeah Yeah right, money falling from the sky for you…oh wait…there is problem with your eyesight, they were snowflakes!

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Bruno Brito


It’ll just never be.

Gary Clowers

Edit- nevermind wrong game. Ignore me


Felt like a decent game when I tried it, however it had the “good but not great” feel on it. Was still fun though and its playerbase seemed decent too


Wrong Information… those 3 classes will replace the classes of the current Version only in the Spin-Off/Sequel coming along that Update.