Camelot Unchained is full speed ahead constructing its new skill ability builder


There was no player test for Camelot Unchained this past weekend, but that’s because Friday’s test focused so hard on the ongoing ability builder. If you’re wondering what the ability builder is because you’re so used to MMOs calling a spade a spade and having it not actually be a spade, good news: This one’s a spade. Yes, you can really create your own skills and magical spells in this game.

“We’ve begun internally testing some of the real abilities for the existing classes, using our archers and fighters. We can say that performance looks promising, in a test where more frequent skill use is happening to stress the system. This early testing will give us good data to determine next steps,” City State Entertainment’s Tyler Rockwell explains in the game’s latest newsletter. “In this testing phase, we’re beginning to use the new ability builder tech, albeit with a devUI for testing. This is a long-awaited feature we plan to get initial testing on next week!”

It sounds like multiple crewmembers worked on that project this week, from optimization to porting things like stances, harvesting, regen, and class skills to the tech. There’s also been movement on player death and respawning, Arthurian siege equipment, and re-skins of healer-oriented light armor models. Mark Jacobs’ weekly Q&A video is up too; the chat begins around the 8-minute mark in the video below.

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Peter Vivio Fuchs

Something you often see in manhua and would love to use. It just means it becomes more real than just launching preddefined attacks with definite power.
Maybe even levels and other than fight skills some day.


This reminds me a bit of ES:Daggerfall’s spellmaker in consept

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Dean Greenhoe

I am ready to build my mages abilities. Ok, start testing, the new and improved ability builder for my mage. :)

.. lets not forget, magic mortars need intensive testing.

Rolan Storm

Yesh, yesh they do… *dreamily* M-m-m… magical artillery.

Seriously, though – “ability builder” is music to my ears.


Nice to see the indie companies hiring some of these layoffs. CU development should get a very nice boost. Best of luck on a 2019 release, or at least early next year.