RuneScape launches its third and final Elite Dungeon, the Shadow Reef

snek? heckin snek?

All seasoned adventurers in RuneScape are encouraged to dive into the last Elite Dungeon today. This of course means “seasoned” as a synonym for “experienced,” so don’t sprinkle some rosemary and allspice on yourself to become a properly seasoned adventurer. Then again, the three bosses awaiting you within the dungeon might appreciate if you take the time to marinate yourself ahead of time. Successfully clearing the dungeon gives access to a new two-handed crossbow, new black stone arrows, and three new sigil blueprints.

The Elite Dungeons are a series of three linked dungeons with a single ongoing storyline which can be explored with friends or in a solo experience. This patch also adds the Spotlight System to the Elite Dungeons along with making further tweaks to the Dragonkin Laboratory and the Temple of Aminishi, so players who are old hands with the series or have never explored the dungeons before will all have incentive to try this content out.

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I havent visited this game since roughly 2008. It seems a lot different on screens than what I remember it, lol