Diablo III developer offers feedback on Anthem’s reward structure

Oh, we haven't forgotten you.

Here’s something neat: Travis Day offering feedback on the reward structure of Anthem. Why is that neat? Well, it’s neat in part because BioWare has apparently read it and relayed it back to the development team, but that’s borne out of the fact that Day worked as one of the lead designers on Diablo III and handled many of that game’s loot system overhauls. Day’s feedback is coming from a place of playing and enjoying the game, noting areas where the game is falling somewhat short of what it could be in these regards.

The issues outlined are fairly straightforward. Random enhancements have enough variance that some of the random improvements to items are literally non-functional, which is too much power variance; meanwhile, the game also has an issue with risk vs. reward (as the Strongholds are tiered in difficulty but not in rewards, which means there’s always one you want to chain-run) and with the jump in difficulties between Grandmaster ranks. It’s an excellent breakdown of issues with the game and how to improve things for the future, especially for feedback just offered by an experience designer who likes the game.

Source: Reddit
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