EVE Online shifts its skill system to provide skills on demand

I demand more skills for this.

There’s a persistent issue with the skill system in EVE Online insofar as the system requires buying skills off the market in order to train them. While this definitely works, it means that new players have to overcome this stumbling block, and it can slow down the pace of play with things that aren’t necessarily interesting. So the game is moving to a new “skills on demand” system allowing players to simply buy the skills and start training directly from the character sheet.

The actual mechanics of training skills, acquiring skill points, and the like won’t be altered; in addition, buying directly from the character sheet will be more expensive than using the market, so players will still have an incentive to scour for deals. In other words, it should be a change that veteran players won’t need to fret over but new players will see as far more convenient. Read through the full update to see how this mechanical shift is meant to alter the game.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!
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I thought this is something where players can “train” on empty skill queue to obtain unallocated skill points, where they can spend them on whatever skill they want “on demand”.

Instead we get this kind of superficial changes that doesn’t really do much other than to nudge people to gtfo of highsec. How about improve highsec gameplay instead?


Someone just mentioned this as a needed feature for us 0.0 bro’s who have to go out of our way to get skill books a couple of months ago. The whole fleet was in agreement about the idea. Wow, we work fast. Also leave my boy Malcanis out of it.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Malcanis is the patron saint of null sec, so give him his due lest he turn on us…

Heh, who am I kidding? He loves us and favors us at every turn.

Wilhelm Arcturus

As usual, Malcanis will have his say here. While buying skills can be a new player pain, the tutorial sends generally sends you off to a school station that sells all the skills you’re likely to need for ages.

The real beneficiaries will be players far from NPC stations, like those out in null sec or wormhole space, who will realize they haven’t trained up some skill like Gravimetric Composition on their current character. They’ll be able to jump to the character window and get it training without all that mucking about in high security space with alts and such.


While I dont see it as a huge change, it will sure help new players getting into the game. Actually the game is already a lot easier to get into, than it was years ago