Indie cyberespionage sandbox MMO Spycursion sneaks into Kickstarter tonight


Back at the beginning of February, we covered an unusual indie PC MMORPG called Spycursion. It’s basically a cyberespionage sandbox MMO rich in “edutainment,” boasting a flexible skill-based system” and exploration of “both an urban 3D world and an ever-evolving in-game internet.” Oh no, you might learn something on this ride.

Spycursion features a living world, a player-driven economy, and realistic hacking using our fictional programming language, ‘Slang,'” developer Defun Games said. “Spycursion takes place in a near-future world that has been ravaged by cyberwarfare. In the world of Spycursion, you will use strategic subterfuge and technical craft to carve your own path in this universe which is both strange and familiar.”

Anyhow, the Kickstarter is expected to go live this evening at 7 p.m. EST, and from the looks of it, this’ll be a game without a box charge as Kickstarter pledges will land you subscription time; if you want closed beta access, you’ll be anteing up at least $28 for that tier, though you can grab a lifetime sub (and a custom story arc and NPC) for just over a grand.

Worth noting is that the Kickstarter has a solid roadmap that sees beta launching by the end of 2020 and release “soon after.” The tiny dev team says Kickstarter is both intended to fund the game and “[server] as a barometer to understand whether we have a critical mass of people who have enough interest in Spycursion to spend their hard earned money on it.”

And as we noted last time, the devs says that even if one of them gets hits by a bus and the game is canceled, they will make the game server and client open-source so players could take it over.

Source: Press release, Kickstarter, official site
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100k is not enough to make an mmo, sorry.

Barnoc N'Draak

This is a somewhat interesting concept.

I’ve often thought that a cybepunk game set in a city would be great MMO. Classes Co be things like street samurai, hacker, corporate mercenary, ect. Augmentations could be great for customization, and real estate/turf warfare could be a prestige thing or even a form of PVP.

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Paragon Lost

Wish them luck, but honestly I no longer believe in the concept of using Kickstarter for mmo software development. Using Kickstarter for a tabletop game or various other do-dads is fine and works pretty darn well. (at least based on my experiences with it)

Using Kickstarter for mmorpg and other long development high cost productions shouldn’t be allowed. It just doesn’t look like it tends to work out well. I wish that Kickstarter would change it policies on what it allows to be Kickstarted.