Red Dead Online’s latest update adds daily challenges, new events, and more


The first major batch of updates has come to the Red Dead Online beta, bringing with it new gameplay features, weapons, clothing, and more. The game’s new daily challenges will give players a good reason to shake up their gameplay routines, as each of the constantly rotating challenges — which task players with doing “everything from skinning animals to finding treasure, winning feuds, and more” — will award gold nuggets and XP, with an additional reward for completing all seven challenges each day.

And starting next week, players will be able to take part in the new Free Roam Event, Fool’s Gold, “where players fight to wear a protective suit of Golden Armor.” Further down the line, players can also look forward to Target Races — a horse race and an archery challenge in one — and the most competitive of all multiplayer content, Fishing Challenges.

The update also introduces the new Rare Shotgun, “a beautifully engraved, faded brass version of the double-barrelled longarm,” and it will soon be joined by the Evans Repeater, “a high grade, high capacity rifle that is devastating at medium and long range.” And to go along with the new armaments, the update has also added a range of new stylish duds for those who want to be the most stylish cowpoke on the range.

And last, but not least, the update also introduces a number of world enhancements, as the devs previewed earlier this month. Player visibility on radar and on the map has been reduced, so players can no longer be tracked across the map by bloodthirsty griefers, though aforementioned bloodthirsty griefers will become increasingly visible as they commit crimes, making it a bit easier to keep an eye out for them — or, if you’re so inclined, to hunt them down yourself.

Parleys and feuds have also been made a bit simpler, and the game’s law and bounty system has been enhanced, adding NPC bounty hunters that will track down players who make too much trouble. For the full details on all these new additions, be sure to check out the update announcement on the game’s official site.

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