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I love the idea of MMORPG battle royale, but I never liked BDO’s combat. Also, Apex Legends exists now, which is so good that it would have to be a really spectacular MMO to make a BR that’s worth playing over that.

Toy Clown

Anniversary events are chock-a-block full of freebies and it’s my favorite time to log in. My anniversary box contained a dandelion weapon, so I’m excited to start outfitting a 2nd character… I mean, I have outfitted a 2nd, but stripped the boss armor off of her when Lahn released and replaced it with standard +15 gear for the time being. Not to mention that my bank is filling up with high-end accessories from playing Dark Rifts and I have enough to start smashing together to see if I can get PRIs at the least. I’m sitting on so many +50 books from previous events, too. I have over 500 mem frags sitting around and other stuff. Yeah! It’s a good time to tear up a 2nd character at least to DUO.

I can’t figure out the card game yet. The cake is a nice 100% to lifeskills for 24 hrs. And, uh… I don’t remember the other things. Oh! I did buy the new outfit. It’s really neat! Except for the no pants part on female costumes. =/

Oh! And the new Adventure book is cool. I filled out most of it due to having done a ton of quests in the game to date. I realized between that and Igor’s book that there are some pretty nice family bonuses to rack up between the two books.


Have to say I’m super enjoying the new central market a lot. The ability to get Pearl Items has never been better. With the limit increased to 35 items/week the whales are going super hard and getting items like value packs or Kama Blessings has never been easier. I have snagged a few of each and basically can stop paying for the game at this point.


Can I craft to DUO with no RNG yet? No? Still not reinstalling then.


Armor and weapons (not the tippy-top “boss gear”, but everything else) can be force-enhanced to TRI now. The Caphas stone stuff lets you go past TRI on anything without RNG, but it’s time/silver consuming.

Getting to DUO isn’t bad – you don’t degrade the gear level until you go for TRI. Thus, my tendency to force that one.

Fully geared out with “normal” TRI armor and the easy-to-obtain Asula accessories you can do very well out in the world. (PvP may be another matter, but I lack the reaction times and inclination to pursue that.)

I’ve got a full slate of characters (17) all levels 56-60, with at least DUO gear. I’ve run them into Kamasylvia and across the desert, solo and duo, and had fun. I’ve spent no monies on cash-shop enhancement for any of it.

If you have to have “Best in Slot” gear, BDO will drive you crazy. If you can enjoy the game without stressing over that, then you can have a great time.



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3 Years and I still can’t settle and pick a class I want to play.

Really wish Witch wasn’t such a simple class. It is by far the class I am most interested in playing. But I get bored of it quickly because of how simple it is.